Dr. Lydia H. Soifer

Answering, "Who is this Child?"

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Lydia Soifer Early Career
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About Dr. Soifer

My Story

For the entirety of my career my mission has been, answering
the question, “Who is this child?”, for parents, teachers, and
other professionals.  Parents and colleagues will say that I
am authentic, knowledgeable, experienced, have been in the trenches, and funny.  Humor coupled with knowledge and experience, helps put parents at ease and engages other professionals emotionally in ways that help them learn. My commitment is simple.  Answer the question, “Who is this child?” and then help create a path to his or her success.


How I Can Help You?

Courses and Consultancies

Teachers have to answer “Who is this child?” about so many children, so many times a day! Knowing the answer is not easy. I am available to teachers and schools in two main ways, via courses I offer and through consultations to schools.

Science Class

Parenting manuals never seem to work in the moment, do they?  Understanding a child’s neurological make-up, memory, attention, language, academic, social, and emotional needs, especially as they related to a youngster’s job – going to school – can be a challenge for parents. I work with parents to help make complex information available and meaningful.

School Application

Public Speaking

Public speaking at conferences of all levels, local, national, and international allows me to reach more and more children through their teachers.  Theory abounds but practicality is harder to create.  It has always been my observation that so much of what is research and truly evidence based takes many, many years to reach the people who need it the most – teachers and children.

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What are they saying?


Dr. Soifer has a remarkable gift. You’ve taught teachers how to listen, how to question, how to change their practice and give their students the courage to take risks and learn to express themselves more effectively.  Every school should
have a Dr. Soifer.

Dr. Judith C. Hochman
Founder & Director,
The Writing Revolution

It is Dr. Soifer’s professional excellence, her keen instinct about children and their educational needs, coupled with high integrity that is remarkable.  She is an indefatigable advocate for students with learning challenges and a superior clinician.

Tracey Spencer Walsh, Esq.
Educational Attorney

An inspiring advocate, teacher, and mentor who has greatly impacted the lives of countless children and educators. 


The Windward School Faculty