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Empowering Educators: Courses & Consultancies

Helping children is my life’s work and great pleasure.  Children should be happy.  They spend a lot of time in
school and we want them to enjoy the experience – all of it. Vast experience and knowledge, professional
respect and a deep network, knowing how to teach parents and professionals, determining
true needs and advocacy for children, are what I have to share.


How I help create positive learning experiences:

Through an array of courses that allow for focus on particular topics such as the numerous aspects of language related to play, literacy, socialization, and academic success, working memory, attention

and executive functions, among many others, I am able to

infuse teachers with ideas and experiences that empower

their teaching each day.  My orientation towards teaching teachers is based on the adaptable methodology of my program

Classroom Language Dynamics ©.


School consultations can be months or years long depending on a school’s commitment to their educators and students.  Through courses, observations, demonstrations, and feedback to teachers of all levels, preschool through high school, in both general and special educational settings, as well as independent and public schools,  I have been able to infuse with techniques, immediate results, and meaningful feedback.

Teacher and Young Student

How Teachers are feeling Empowered:

"Lydia's extensive expertise and humor make the class valuable and entertaining. Great Presenter!"

Teacher Training Attendee

Enlightening Parents: Advocacy 
Educational Support

For children preschool through teen years and their parents there are a variety of important interactions.  Children’s school records can be reviewed, as well as any private evaluations.  Then, importantly this information can be translated for parents into real world terms that enable them to act more effectively on a child’s behalf.  Referrals for new or updated evaluations can be made within a mature, select, and reliable network.  School visits and attendance at meetings in which the language sounds like English but is really educationalese, are a great benefit to parents as I am fluent in educationalese, which is empowering as an advocate.

LHS_Parent Advocacy_edited.jpg

How I help parents by:

  • Accessing the evaluations or services your child needs

  • Converting those reports into “plain English”

  • Providing you with the questions you need to ask

  • Joining you at school and professional meetings

  • Being available to listen and explain


How families are being Enlightened:

“Who would we be today without having known you?  Forever grateful.”  - Smith and Jones Families

Invigorating Learners: Public Speaking

My goal is to make that complex information available to teachers in as available a manner, as soon as possible for its practical application in the classrooms.  No audience has been too small or too large.  I love to teach.


Where I have presented: Partial Listing


  • Reaching In, Breaking Out: Early Childhood Leadership Summit 2018, Rethasia International, Singapore

  • Breaking Through Dyslexia: International Conference 2015, Dyslexia Trust of Kolkata, India

  • 92nd Street Y, New York NY

  • International Dyslexia Association Conferences (NM, LA, PA, NY, NJ, IL, CA)

  • Bank Street College of Education

  • Fairleigh Dickenson University, Teaneck, NJ

  • Rye Presbyterian Nursery Consortium, Rye, NY

  • Gateway School, New York, NY

  • Windward School, White Plains, NY

  • Mott Haven Academy, Bronx, NY

  • SmartKids with LD, Greenwich, CT

* Download a full listing of Hot Topics I have presented on Here.

Networking Group

How Administrators are feeling Invigorated:

“You have made a tremendous impact on the work of our teachers and lives of our student.”  Carolyn Salzman, Head of School, Gateway School

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