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Calendar of Upcoming Events

Where in the world is Dr. Soifer..?

June 2023

6-13-23 Reading with TLC - Narrative Course: Tell Me Story [Virtual] More Info.

May 2023

5-2-23  The Language of Comprehension Monitoring | READING AND LANGUAGE SKILLSThe Windward Institute [Virtual] More Info.

5-10-23 Scaffolding for Student Learning with Targeted Instructional Language & Questioning Techniques | READING AND LANGUAGE SKILLS, The Windward Institute [Virtual] More Info.

5-24-23 Case Studies: Let’s Start with the Youngest, Professional Development Presentation, Magen David Nursery School, Brooklyn, NY

April 2023

4-25-23 The Windward Institute,, Phonological Awareness Webinar, Virtual

March 2023

3-1-23  Reading Skills | Tell Me a Story: Narrative Development in Elementary Age Children | Webinar, The Windward Institute [Virtual] More Info.

3-7-23  Reading Skills | Tell Me a Story, Coaching Session, The Windward Institute [Virtual] More Info.

3-9-23 (AM) - Play with Me and I’ll be Smarter | Webinar, ADAPT Community Network [Virtual] More Info.

3-9-23  Play with Me and I’ll be Smarter, COACHING Session, The Windward Institute [Virtual] More Info.

3-17-23  The Art of Talking (10am-12pm); The Language of Kindness (1pm-3pm) ADAPT Community Network [Virtual] More Info.

3-20-23 Case Studies, TheraSmart [Virtual] 8-9AM More Info.

3-22-23 Phonological Awareness Professional Development Presentation. Magen David Yeshiva, Brooklyn, NY [In-person] More Info.

3-24-23  Executive Functioning in Young Children - Christ Church Nursery School, Rye, NY [In-Person]

February 2023

2-11-23  Parent Conference *Keynote Speaker | "Who is This Child? Beyond the Numbers!” SmartKids with Learning Disabilities, [In-Person] More Info.

2-13-23  Language Development for Early Literacy | Webinar, The Windward Institute [Virtual] More Info.

2-21-23  MathLand Professional Development Presentation, Mary McDowell Friends School, Brooklyn, NY [In-person], More Info.

2-28-23 Practical Applications of Executive Functions for the Classroom | LIVE Webinar, Reading with TLC

[Virtual], More Info.

January 2023

1-28-23 Working Memory Webinar: You’re in Trouble without it! | Information & Strategies for Teachers, 

Reading with TLC Live, Webinar [Virtual], More Info.

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