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Wanna Play?!?!

Has it ever struck you that your son should be taking a class instead of just playing?

Do you ever worry that all she wants to do is play?

RELAX! Play with him and surely, he will be smarter. Loads of research proves that free play, LEGO play, water play, block play, dress-up, MagnaTile play, pretend play all are crucial for making kids become learners, problem solvers, creators, and thinkers. Research from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to Harvard and beyond, all report the same thing. Play is important for smart, healthy, happy children.

Play for us is leisure, recreation, relaxation, or an escape. Not for kids! When young children play, they have to use thinking and problem solving skills. These are the same skills they’ll soon need for reading and math. Kids use memory (“Remember last time we….”), planning (“if we put all the blocks…”), organizational ((“You get the reds and I’ll get the greens and then we can…”) skills when they play. These are the early versions of what they’ll need to write an essay, take a test, complete a project, or run for class president.

Play with me and I’ll be smarter! That’s for sure. By the way, follow don’t lead. Chill and have fun. Enjoy the time together, she will!

More to come on the social-emotional importance of play. Until then, go play with your child, he’ll be smarter.

Play with me and I’ll be smarter!

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